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Financial Counseling

Our goal is to prioritize patients and their medical needs over economic resources. We strive to offer the very best medical care and make it available to all classes of people. We offer the same quality of medical care regardless of ability to pay. For those desiring higher levels of comfort or more privacy, private rooms and executive suites are available.

Our Mission in Action

We serve a community of people, many of whom each day struggle to meet their basic financial needs.  While all patients are encouraged to participate in the cost of their care, we realize the burden of costly medical procedures can be overwhelming and oftentimes impossible. Fortunately, our donors and partnering organizations have made it possible to offer financial aid to those who need it most. 

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Financial Counseling Office

Every patient regardless of financial status is evaluated by our financial counselor prior to surgical procedures and other significant interventions. Eligibility for financial aid, payment plans, discounts, and exonerations are applied confidentially for indicated situations.

Individuals and charitable organizations who refer patients to us and/or wish to sponsor patients are given at least a 50% discount from our normal prices.

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Cash is accepted in Haitian gourdes or US dollars.  

  • We accept Mastercard and Visa

  • Checks and other forms of money transfer are accepted

  • We also have contracts with a variety of insurance providers which are listed below. These providers may offer multiple coverage plans, thus it is important for you to confirm that HAH accepts the specific plan you are enrolled in. The list below is subject to change. Please contact or call +509 4895-3273 for more information.

  • Insurances accepted

    • AIC

    • OFATMA

    • INASSA

    • CAH (emergency and hospitalization only)

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