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Donor Opportunities

Only 6% of the population in Haiti have insurance coverage, and 80% of the population has no formal employment. Our goal is to provide top quality care and make it accessible to all classes of people. This is a big challenge and we need your help to make this possible.


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General Donations

We direct donated money towards building infrastructure and creating efficiency in order to decrease our monthly operating costs. That means streamlining hospital processes, integrating new technology, investing in ecologic power sources, and keeping our equipment in good condition. The hospital physical plant is undergoing many needed renovations. Much of these funds are used to pay local workers. This allows them to learn new skills, as well as feed and educate their children. In the end they are proud of their work, and our hospital looks professional and functions well. In effect the donor’s dollar is multiplied many times over. 

The button below will lead you to Amistad International with whom we partner to manage our donations. Please designate  ‘Scott and Marni Nelson Fund’. This is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and you will be issued a receipt for tax purposes.


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Indigent Patient Endowment Fund

If you prefer the idea of funding patient care directly then consider our indigent patient endowment fund. Each of our patients are carefully evaluated by our financial counselor and encouraged to participate in the cost of their care. Many times they are able to pay only a small portion of the cost and sometimes nothing at all. The proceeds of this fund are used to subsidize care for the patients most in need.

The button below will lead you to AdventHealth who manages our indigent patient fund.  Please designate  ‘Haiti Indigent Patient Fund’. This is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and you will be issued a receipt for tax purposes.

No matter which of our funds you participate in, be assured that each and every dollar donated goes towards its designated cause without administrative fees. 

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